Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The Privacy Policy applies to all Websites owned and operated by the Company, and to all services provided by the Company, including online and mobile services and products. In the text of this Policy, they will be called "Websites" and "Services".

The term «Personal data» means information that allows you to establish your identity, such as name, e-mail address, address, phone number, payment profile data, payment information, requests to the support service, history of bets, comments in chats, etc. If your personality cannot be established (for example, Personal data

generalized and anonymized), this Policy does not apply.

This policy can be changed from time to time. In case of significant changes, we will notify you - as a rule, we published a notification on the website or sent an email.

2. «Мы» – это кто?

Under «my» (or «our», or «us») we mean the company

3. What data we collect and how

When you visit our Website or use our Services, we collect and process your Personal Data. Data collection methods can be divided into the following categories:

Information that you provide us directly

When you visit our Website or use any part of it and/or our Services, we may ask you to provide us with Personal Data. For example, we ask you to provide contact data or certain documents in the process of registration, verification and procedures aimed at preventing money laundering, or checks for the purpose of combating fraud, or when you contact us with questions or requests for support.

Information is collected automatically

We automatically collect some information about you when you visit our website, such as your IP address, operating system, device type and settings, browser type and settings, error reports, system activity, as well as date, time and URL. Адрес страница с колько вы перешли на наш веб-сайт. This information is useful to us because it helps us better understand how you use our Website and Services, which allows us to provide the best level of service. For example, using information from your browser, we can determine what language you speak.

Part of this information is collected using cookies, similar tracking technologies, and third-party tools such as Google Analytics.

We also collect data about transactions that you have made with us, and about the activities of your account. Information received from third parties

Sometimes we can collect your personal data from other sources, such as publicly available materials or trusted third parties, such as our payment service providers. We use this information to clarify your Personal Data in order to better inform, personalize and improve our Services, as well as to verify the Personal Data provided by you.

4. Legal grounds for personal data processing

Collecting personal data, we process it only if there are legal grounds for such processing specified in the relevant data protection laws. Such legal grounds are:

Fulfillment of the contract

We can process your personal data if it is necessary to fulfill the contract. For example, when you register on the Website, you enter into an agreement with us or when we undertake actions related to the contract, in particular, we conduct transactions on the Website. Legal obligation

Various laws and regulations impose certain obligations on us. We need to process your personal data to fulfill these obligations, for example, to fulfill the legislation on prevention of money laundering, the requirements of responsible gaming and the conditions of our gambling license.

Legal interests

Your Personal Data may be processed if we, other companies of our group of companies or third parties have a business or commercial basis for processing your Personal Data.

Your consent

In certain limited cases, we process your Personal Data based on your consent, for example, when it is necessary for direct marketing purposes.

5. How we use personal data

Use of your Personal Data (Legal Grounds):

To manage our Websites, ensure the proper functioning of our Websites and Services, and provide the Services you have ordered

(Performance of the contract, Legal interests)

To verify whether you can use certain Services, including verification of your age, geographic location, personality, or self-exclusion status, as well as to create and operate your account (Contract Performance, Legal Interests)

to the conditions related to us and the conditions of our gambling license, as well as to prevent illegal activities, including money laundering and fixed matches (Legal Obligation)

To support the client, including assistance in resolving technical and payment problems or other issues related to the Website or Services (Contract Performance)

To expand our Websites and Services, test and develop new features and conduct technical analysis of our Websites and Services, optimize your interaction with our Websites, and provide you with more effective tools (Legal Interests)

To prevent, detect and inform about crime, protect you, other users and us, for example, to ensure network and information security, reduce risks, detect and prevent any fraudulent or malicious activities, as well as ensure fair use of our Websites and Services and Observance of Agreements (Legal Obligation, Legal Interests, Performance of Agreement

For the analysis and generalization of data, for the preparation of statistics, in particular, for the creation of generalized and anonymized analytics and reports for internal use, public distribution or for third parties (Legal interests)

For carrying out, managing and confirming financial transactions (fulfilment of the contract, legal interests)

For the analysis of the risk of fraud on your part and the confirmation of your data with the help of a third party, including financial institutions, agencies that verify the personality and credit information bureau (legal obligation, performance of the contract, legal interests)

To evaluate your game actions in order to ensure a responsible attitude to the game (legal obligation, legal interests, fulfillment of the contract)

For tracking gaming activity and managing our risks and chances (Legal interests, fulfillment of the contract)

For the implementation of our rights agreed in the Agreement or other agreements with you (Completion of the Agreement)

For disclosure of information to the companies of our Group after restructuring or for internal administrative purposes (Legal interests)

For regulation of our relations and communication with you. This can include:

operational messages, such as messages about changes to our Websites or Services, information about new features, bonuses and promotions, security system updates or help using our Websites and Services, marketing messages and providing information or information requested by you, which we are obliged to communicate to you (fulfilment of the contract, legal interests, your consent)

6. How we can transfer your Personal Data

We may need to transfer your personal data to a third party. We can disclose your personal data:

o Other companies from our group of companies;

o Third-party service providers and partners who assist us in providing the Websites and Services requested by you, for example, those who provide access or functioning of the Websites or Services, or advertise our Websites and Services;

o To regulatory, law enforcement, state authorities, courts, fraud prevention agencies, licensing authorities, self-governing bodies of eSports or other third parties if, in our opinion, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the relevant laws and requirements or to implement, establish and protect our legal right (we will inform you about such disclosure of information when it is possible and appropriate);

o Partners or other persons who introduced you to us;

o Other persons, with your consent.

7. International data transfer

When processing and transferring information, it may be transferred and processed in countries other than those

in which you live. The laws of these countries may differ from those familiar to you. When processing Personal Data in another country, we take precautions to protect your Personal Data.

For persons from the European Economic Area (EEZ), this means that your data may be transferred outside the EEA. If your data is transferred outside the EU, it will be transferred to countries where we have appropriate transfer mechanisms to protect your personal data, in particular, the application of the Standard Contractual Conditions of the European Commission to contracts with organizations to which information is transferred.

8. Safety

We undertake to protect your personal data and take appropriate technical and organizational measures, including:

o Шифрование данных To protect your personal and financial data, we encrypt all the data we exchange with you using the industry standard TLS (Transport Layer Security). Also, your data is stored on our servers and transmitted for the purpose of backup and replication between data processing centers in an encrypted form.

o Restricted access Access to personal data only Our employees, contractors and agents who need this information for processing.

o Network protection. Access to our network space is protected from both the outside and the inside by a multi-level security system that includes firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and network segmentation. Our security systems are configured, controlled and serviced according to advanced practical methods. We cooperate with leading suppliers of security systems, using their experience and information collected by them about threats, to protect our systems.

o Protected data processing centers. Our servers are located in industrial-level hosting facilities that use reliable security systems to prevent physical access to protected servers. These security systems include round-the-clock continuous control and monitoring, the presence of security personnel at the facility, and regular security checks. We use geographically separated copies of data to minimize the risk of data loss

или сбоев в работе.

o Security Monitoring Our security service continuously monitors the security system, event logs, notifications and warnings from all systems to identify and eliminate threats.

9. Storage of data

You can delete part of the data at any time. When erasing data, we ensure safe and complete removal of your data from our servers or save it exclusively in anonymous form. The information is stored until you delete it

We offer a number of services that allow you to correct or delete data associated with or stored in your account. For example, you can:

o Change information about yourself,

o Удалить реплику в чате, или

o Completely delete the account.

In accordance with regulatory requirements and legal obligations and to avoid any claims against us, we will store your account data until it is closed and further for five years after closing your account (if applicable). or after your last contact with us.

The information is saved for long periods of time for limited purposes

In some cases, business and legal requirements may oblige us to store certain information for specific purposes for a long time. For example, if a person has self-excluded from our Services, we will store his Personal Data longer, according to the requirements of the responsible game.

Reasons why we can save some data longer include:

o protect you, other people and us from fraud, abuse, criminal activity and unauthorized access, for example, when you suspect someone of fraud, participation in contractual matches or money laundering.

o compliance with tax legislation, measures to prevent money laundering and other financial requirements, implementation of accounting or assistance in solving controversial issues, for example, when participating in financial transactions, including

Receiving your deposit and paying your money.

o compliance with the applicable law, regulatory act, legal process or executive governmental request or the need to enforce agreements, including investigation of potential violations.

o Ensuring the continuity of our Services for you and other users.

о in the event that you directly contacted us, for example, through the service support channel or made a review or error report.

We undertake to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, collect, use and/or store it in accordance with the applicable laws and requirements on data protection and, in particular, the provisions of laws (countries) on data protection and other applicable international data protection rules, such as EU 2016/679 «General data protection regulation» (GDPR) (hereinafter «Laws on data protection»).

10. Your rights

You have certain rights regarding your Personal Data:

o know what personal data we store.

o correct or ask us to correct incorrect personal data concerning you.

o have access to your personal data and request a copy of it in a machine-readable form, for example, if you want to have a backup copy of it.

o Object to the processing of your Personal Data, in cases where we are guided by our legitimate interests. Please note that we may continue to process your Personal Data if there are other relevant legal grounds or if there are valid grounds for continuing data processing in our interests that do not override your rights, interests and freedoms.

o ask us to erase your personal data, including deleting your account, only if (1) we no longer need to their processing, (2) you have withdrawn your consent to processing and your consent was the legal basis for processing your data, (3) you have exercised your right to object and there are no overriding legal grounds for continuing data processing, (4) your Personal Data has been processed

Illegally, (5) or the deletion of your Personal Data is required to comply with a legal obligation. Please note that we will not delete and continue to store the data, in particular, if the storage of Personal Data is required to comply with our legitimate interests that prevail over your request, to comply with legal obligations or if it is necessary for the formation, implementation of legal claims or protection against such

o ask us to limit the processing of personal data in certain circumstances.

o withdraw the previously given consent, if your consent was necessary for the processing of Personal Data. Please note that we can continue to process your Personal Data if there are other relevant legal grounds.

o Object to direct marketing and the creation of a profile of the client's personality (to the extent that this applies exclusively to direct marketing). As for marketing messages, you can ask us to stop sending them at any time - just follow the instructions contained in the marketing message or send a request to the email address [email protected]

o complain to your local authority for the protection of personal data.

Please note that not all of the above rights are absolute.

You can exercise your rights at any time by changing the settings of your account or by sending an email to [email protected]. To perform the actions requested by you, you must confirm your identity.

If you are not satisfied with how we process your Personal Data, please let us know at [email protected]. We will consider your claim and try to give you an answer in a reasonable time.

11. SSL encryption

All critically important correspondence between the user and the website is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol using a 256-bit key.